March 24, 2024

Crab Town Training day

The communications team provided atraining session for some of the local women in Crab Town, where our communityproject is taking place. The training session aims to equip the participantswith the necessary skills to conduct an in-person survey in Crab Town. Thesurvey questionnaire covers topics such as personal thermal comfort, physicalhealth effects related to heat, and psychological well-being. The participantswill receive comprehensive training on the survey questionnaire and will beinformed about the importance of the data they will collect through the survey.


During the four-hour trainingsessions, held five days a week, participants receive a brief introduction tothe organization's mission and the significance of the data that will becollected. They are also taught how to record data in an Excel spreadsheet. Thetraining provides detailed instructions on how to approach respondents, obtainconsent for participation, and present the survey. Strategies for dealing withpotential challenges or resistance from participants are also discussed.


A significant portion of the sessionis dedicated to instructing participants on how to enter survey responses intothe Excel spreadsheet, including understanding the different codescorresponding to the different answers. Following the theoretical training,participants engage in hands-on practice sessions with MEER's Freetownemployees. This provides them with practical experience and immediate feedbackand allows for clarification on any doubts or challenges encountered.

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