Peter Dynes

Director of Strategy

Peter is the Director of Strategy at MEER. With his vast experience and expertise, he is responsible for defining the organization's goals for both the medium and long term, ensuring that MEER continues to lead in SRM research. Additionally, he heads the MEER Urban Adaptation coordination, which aims to develop inventive solutions to the challenges posed by the Urban Heat Island.

Peter has a Bachelor degree in Environmental Science and a Masters in Earth Science from Royal Holloway, University of London. His background is in environmental consultancy from his time in London working for the Department of the Environment. He focused on pollution control and flood defence systems, showing his dedication to preserving the environment. In this position, he conducted field surveys to collect data and establish a baseline for pollution or contamination levels in a specific location. He also performed lab tests on water, air, and soil to analyze the data and determine toxicity in line with environmental regulations. Furthermore, he created conceptual models to identify potential sources of pollutants that could harm the environment.

Peter's work experience includes researching sustainable energy sources such as wind, solar, and hydroelectric power in the Energy sector. He also provided consultation to oil and gas companies on the environmental effects of new pipelines and conducted ecological impact assessments.

In addition to his previous experience and his work for MEER, Peter is also a director of several Irish cooperative enterprises, further highlighting his dedication to fostering sustainable and inclusive business practices. Impressively, he served as the General Secretary of the Cooperative Party in Northern Ireland from 2017 to 2022, demonstrating his commitment to promoting cooperative values and principles. Overall, Peter is a highly respected and accomplished professional whose contributions to environmental science and cooperative enterprise are significant.

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