Kaeza Fearn

Director of Communications

Kaeza Fearn is a highly capable and accomplished Director of Communications who is responsible for managing various aspects of both internal and external communications. With her exceptional skills and expertise, she ensures that all communications are effective, efficient, and aligned with the organization's goals.

Kaeza is a passionate advocate for community-building projects and works diligently to create meaningful connections between individuals. Her extensive background in the arts and event management has proven to be invaluable in her role, as she brings decades of experience in music, group facilitation, performance, and production to the table. Kaeza's exceptional skills and thorough knowledge make her a valuable asset to the team, and her commitment to excellence ensures that the organization's communication strategies are top-notch.

Kazea consistently serves as the host for our monthly MEERTALKS, which serve as a platform for prominent climate activists and esteemed scientists from various countries to engage in insightful discussions regarding the latest data and viable, scalable solutions. These talks are vital in providing a comprehensive understanding of the current climate crisis and how best to address it.

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