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MEER honors the selfless enthusiasm and dedication of the individuals below who served as student researchers during our initial development stage.

Riti Bhandarkar
Modeling Research

David Cokkinos
Field Experiments

Young Yoon Choi
NOx Chemistry

Kieran Donnellan
Ocean Deacidification

Ellie Flint
Organism Specialist

Xiaohui Han
Material Science

Ryan Habeck
Energy Modeling

Mohan Hathi
Energy Modeling

Rabeya Hussaini
Energy Modeling

Brittany Jones

Drew Lira
Ocean De-acidification

Sophia Morgan
Budget Analysis

Romy Pein
Modeling Research

Laya Pothunur
Food Security

Karthik Ramesh
Soil Temp Modeling

Jason Rhines
Field Experiments

Wrishija Roy

Andrew Scacchi
Urban Design

Priyansh Sharma
NOx Inventory

Isabel Wellington
Educational Outreach

Zoe Zwecker
NOx Chemistry

"Temperature rise is the biggest and gravest concern that we face."

Dr. Ye Tao

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