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What is MEER?


Mirrors for Earth's Energy Rebalancing


A 501c3 nonprofit fiscally sponsored by Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs since 2021

MEER designs and develops surface-based mirror arrays and solar reflectors and welcomes partners who will help to deploy them swiftly, in economically feasible and environmentally sensitive ways, on a local level for heat adaptation, and eventually on a global level, to steer Earth away from a lethal heating trajectory. We are currently involved in a research and testing phase as we explore the effectiveness of our primary tools before the publication of peer-reviewed research, while simultaneously carrying out small-scale pilot projects in heat adaptation and mitigation in urban and agricultural settings.

"Temperature rise: this is the biggest and gravest concern that we face."


Dr. Ye Tao, Founder & Scientific Director

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Let's divert waste


MEER's strategy is the only such strategy that can use recycled materials, exclusively. There are currently more than enough PET bottles and aluminum cans going into landfills to fulfill annual material requirements to build out our solar reflectors. These reflectors have the potential to prevent further temperature rise and balance Earth's energy


The Problem


The problem is known as “global warming” because that is precisely what is happening: Earth’s atmosphere is getting warmer. As a result, sea levels are rising, the reflective power from ice and snow protecting Earth from a large amount of solar energy, particularly in our polar regions, is disappearing, which in turn accelerates the warming process as the Earth reflects less heat-creating solar radiation from the sun back into space. Finally, rising heat destroys our ability to grow food, causes fresh water to evaporate at a faster rate, creates damaging weather extremes which often result in deadly fires, and kills plant and animal life everywhere as ecosystems collapse... In the end, after the breakdown of civilization, after the wars over food and livable territory, after looting and theft and complete mayhem, there will be the sun’s pitiless heat simply killing life that cannot survive it.

MEER can help.

NASA data shows our Earth is heating at unprecedented speed

2 cans = 1 person


The aluminum from just 2 drinks cans has the potential to offset 1 person's yearly emissions

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We believe that long term sustainability is key
to any climate mitigation project

Reality check


Discover what MEER is about while expanding your knowledge of what's really happening to life on Earth as a result of global warming.


Powerful interests controlling how people get their information are inhibiting progress in the fight against global warming. Protecting power and profits come first for them.

MEER can help.

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Planet Earth - a brief history


Animation by paleoartist Bruce Currie

“What has become clear from the science is that we cannot burn all of the fossil fuels without creating a very different planet.”


 James Hansen

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