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The foundation for a call to action


Global warming was caused by the pursuit of profits above all else. After a long period of denial, it may seem that global warming has finally been accepted as a fact, and no longer as something to deny or sweep under the rug. After all, just about every business has a "climate policy" in place, and we can see new companies sprouting up around us every day, it seems, devoted to solving the climate emergency in one way or another.  Are these really what they seem to be?

The "market response" to climate change is seen by those who play in those markets as the necessary and only qualified, efficient venue for addressing Earth's rising temperatures. We should be extremely wary of this point of view.

The for-profit sector may be efficient at building wealth for the few, but haphazard and distracting when it comes to purposes it was not designed to respond to in the first place. Disaster relief and national security, which is what the current emergency is really about, is what governments were established for, paid for through taxes levied on businesses and citizens.

For-profit answers to this problem are, as usual, focused first on profits.


Because global warming is not another investment opportunity to be milked by the unscrupulous for all it is worth

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Because short-term thinking is over


Sustainability is about being aware of and anticipating long-term effects of what we do today, not just on people, but on all forms of life.

At MEER, we believe it makes no sense to embark on plans that, when scaled to the necessary degree, cannot possibly work due to a lack of materials, or would require exhausting all of a particular commodity that is also needed for many other vital uses.

Our solar reflectors come in different shapes and sizes but will only be made of plentiful and recyclable materials.

Social Justice

It is supposed to be a key element, the bedrock, even, of a modern, enlightened and civilized society, but justice can be difficult to find.

Similar in some ways to the concept of sustainability, social justice is about checks and balances. It is about common decency. It is about our humanity. It is about establishing a society that has us extend the same care and protection to those closest to us, to everyone. 

The wealthy nations are responsible for the climate crisis, yet the poor are the ones who suffer most. Although it will change more quickly than they realize, life still goes on much as before in almost all developed nations, which makes it hard for many of them to feel motivated to take this seriously. 

MEER's response has been developed in order to bring relief to those who need it most and who are not guilty of having started or perpetuated this disaster.


Climate solutions for those with the greatest need


Because solutions to problems should solve those problems


When devising solutions to a problem, it is quite clear that any proposed solution should above all else be able to solve that problem.


Of all of the commonly known responses to Earth's rising temperatures that have been developed in order to stop them, how many can actually halt temperatures before they reach levels that ensure global extinction?


None of them. 


When the system in place is designed to protect the short-term wealth and power of those who have it, it should come as no surprise that we have only managed thus far to produce self-serving responses that are guaranteed to fail to actually solve our problem.


MEER has not lost sight of the primary goal: stopping temperature rise, so humanity can survive long enough to re-define itself and undertake the monumental tasks of creating clean energy and committing to clean living. 

Social J

“Identify meaningful ways of living and contributing without previous assumptions of normality.”

Jem Bendell

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