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MEER  "Mirrors for Earth's Energy Rebalancing"
A 501c3 non-profit organization fiscally sponsored by Social Environmental Entrepreneurs
MEER designs and develops surface-based mirror arrays and solar reflectors and welcomes partners who will help to deploy them swiftly, in both economically feasible and environmentally sensitive ways, for one purpose—to steer Earth away from a lethal heating trajectory.

"Temperature rise, this is the biggest and gravest concern that we face. Thermal stress decimates biodiversity, ruining aquatic, marine, and terrestrial ecosystems alike. If we survive, we can have conversations about low emissions and deacidification. Prioritize temperature—then worry about greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and carbonic acid in the oceans!"

-Dr. Ye Tao


We envision a new role for Homo sapiens: stabilizer of the natural world and replenisher of Earth's ecosystems. This new role will require:


  • acknowledgement that we have transgressed the thresholds of Earth's carrying capacity;

  • acceptance of Earth’s delicate and finely balanced climate system;

  • deep-rooted respect for the finiteness of Earth's abiotic physical resources;

  • internalization of our interconnectedness with other species;

  • and the simultaneous emergence of efficient fabrication technologies and universal social values that are transformative.


Embracing this new role can place us on the only available path that leads to a future of hope and plenty, on this radiant blue, swirling white, planet of life.

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