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Dr. Ye Tao

Founder & Director

On the origins of MEER:

"I was in charge of running a lab at Harvard’s Rowland Institute to develop new microscopes to improve how we could work with nanoparticles. The more I heard about global warming and the scientific issues surrounding that from colleagues, and of how quickly the Earth would begin to experience devastating effects, I started questioning my own efforts in nanoscience, which would take decades to develop and bring to implementation. I realized that I had to re-focus my time on this much more urgent problem."


"I have a multidisciplinary background in physics, chemistry, engineering and material science, which among today’s scientists is relatively uncommon. In nanoscience we talk a lot about dimensionality―the number or level of physical dimensions matter exists under. Climate change and greenhouse gas accumulation is in essence a three-dimensional problem because we have emitted so much gas in a three-dimensional space, Earth’s atmosphere, and it is very freely mixed.


In order to clean this absolutely gigantic volume of space we have in front of us a 3D engineering problem, and if you factor in the time needed to suck all the air out and circulate it through a filter, then it becomes a four-dimensional problem. 

The reason we are obsessed with getting rid of greenhouse gas is to try to open a window so the heat from Earth can escape. But what if we looked upstream? 

What if instead of trying to let the heat escape from Earth, we try to find a way to stop it from developing in the first place, just by reducing the amount of heat that is produced on the ground as the sun shines on the planet? And in fact, this is a much more efficient way of solving the problem, reducing it from its original three dimensions, to just two dimensions."

Dr. Ye Tao received a doctorate from the Department of Chemistry at MIT in 2015. He also completed the research requirements for a doctorate in Physics at ETH Zurich. To accelerate a move to Cambridge, MA, where he had been invited to lead a research lab at the Rowland Institute at Harvard, he forfeited the opportunity to defend a second doctoral dissertation. 

His lab got to work in 2016, but Dr. Tao’s professional trajectory unexpectedly swiveled to a new direction. After grasping the ultimate outcome of excess carbon accumulating in Earth’s atmosphere, he founded MEER (Mirrors for Earth’s Energy Rebalancing) to design, develop and deploy surface-based nontoxic reflectors. Bouncing solar radiation back into space to bypass the greenhouse effect of carbon emissions is his strategy for helping humanity to survive in a world that is overheating. 


In 2021, he left the Institute to devote himself to a singular task: the pursuit of bold and creative engineering solutions, with just applications, to perfect available options for ensuring that our biosphere—the delicate living membrane enveloping the “pale blue dot” of Earth—remains host to a boisterous parade of life. 


Dr. Tao expresses his love for life through awe. Always observing, he ponders over and marvels at our wonderful world: at the balance and beauty, the patterns and complexity, the fragility and resilience, of Earth’s energy flows and her ecosystems. 


MEER is comprised of an international network of scientists, engineers, project managers, volunteers, students and supporters. With an energized motivation, our network aims to be a vital part of the ongoing climate mitigation and adaptation development.

As Director of Strategy, Peter focuses on developing MEER's medium and long-term goals. He also heads up the MEER Urban adaptation project. With a background in environmental science, he has been a London-based environmental consultant working on pollution control and flood defence systems. He's also a director of several Irish cooperative enterprises. 


Peter Dynes

Director of Strategy

Belfast, Ireland

As Director of Communications, Kaeza Fearn oversees internal and external communications. She brings a passion for community-building projects and helping to create connection among strangers. With a Masters in music, she also has decades of experience in event management, administration, music education, facilitation, performance and production.


Kaeza Fearn

Director of Communications

Massachusetts, USA

As Director of Development, Eric Golden focuses on fundraising and financial planning. His career spans 20+ years including co-founding Fortress Investment Group’s Japan real estate private equity business. With a B.A. in Mathematical Economics from Brown University, he's an active impact investor and supporter of NPOs and he loves hiking, squash and reading.

Eric-photo 1.JPG

Eric Golden

Director of Development

Tokyo, Japan

As  Deputy Director, Barbara J. Sneath, PhD, coordinates all nonprofit functions through Social Environmental Entrepreneurs. A retired biological research scientist and educator at Cornell University, she has been concerned about overpopulation, overconsumption, and the destabilization of the biosphere.


Dr. Barbara Sneath

Deputy Director

Michigan, USA


One of the things the people working to fulfill MEER's goal share is the pressing need to act, to do something for all of us and for all life, to protect what is meaningful and profound. Professionals and students, we come together from around the world help to discover the ways in which we can assist to the best of our ability to achieve a monumental task.

Pratik Chimane is a Mechanical Engineer by training. He has been inspired by global movements to take action on climate change. As the Project Manager for MEER in India, he will identify, develop, and promote climate solutions that alleviate thermal intolerance and improve human well-being in low-income under privileged areas. 

Screenshot 2022-05-11 at 09.43.06 copy.png

Pratik Chimane

Project Manager

Nanded, India

Glenn Goodwin is a Freelance Design Director who has worked in Branding and Packaging for over 20 years. He has just launched the APP which helps people in their kitchens prevent wasting food. He also does volunteer video editing for Facing Future, which hosts conversations with scientists and climate activists who want to see our climate balanced.


Glenn Goodwin

Graphic Artist

Barcelona, Spain

As Special Projects Liaison, Rebecca Gordon analyzes media for marketing solutions. With years of experience as an architect working with structures, diagrams, color, lighting and space, she is comfortable making presentations to executives and coordinating large teams. For her college thesis, she designed an Urban Influx Center to house climate refugees.


Rebecca Gordon

Special Projects Liaison

Vermont, USA

As Volunteer Coordinator, Kate Hill monitors the contact response forms and communicates with potential volunteers, seeking to fit them to roles within the organization. With a Masters in English Literature and a number of teaching qualifications, Kate has also worked with children for 38 years. A keen amateur musician, she loves hiking and being out in nature.


Kate Hill

Volunteer Coordinator

Market Harborough, UK

A contributing machinist, Adam Lee assists with the manufacturing process, helping convert blueprints and raw materials into research tools yielding useful data. As a woodworker, Adam enjoys making furniture, cabinetry and tools. With experience in drafting, CNC machining, cabinetry, carpentry and auto repair, his hands-on skills have many practical applications.


Adam Lee


Minneapolis, MN

Mark Milne works on special projects to further MEER's mission of extending earth's habitability. With decades of experience in finance, Mark currently raises money for renewable energy in Zürich, Switzerland, where he has lived for over 25 years. Mark is also a musician, outdoor sports enthusiast and father of three

mark photo2_edited.jpg

Mark Milne

Special Projects

Zürich, Switzerland

David Rennke is a filmmaker, artist, and musician who enjoys exploring the wild places wherever he finds them. He spends his time making music, hiking, kayaking, taking backroad adventure motorcycle trips, and working with climate groups to educate and raise awareness on the dangers of global warming.


David Rennke


Idaho, USA

Charlie Saad is passionate about mitigating climate change and works to promote climate exports as a trade specialist. He has a degree in environmental science and policy from Columbia University. After hearing Dr. Tao on the Volts podcast, he knew he had to get involved. He enjoys working to restore earth’s radiation imbalance.


Charlie Saad

Administrative Assistant

Washington, D.C., USA



MEER collaborates with international scientists, engineers, climate experts, social service workers and officials who volunteer their time, resources and on-the-ground knowledge to assist in setting up experiments, prototypes and research facilities aimed at mitigating the detrimental effects of rising heat.

Dr. Lisa Doner is lead investigator of MEER’s field experiment, including materials acquisition, mirror design and set-up, feasibility testing and data collection. An Associate Professor of Environmental Science, her research at Plymouth State University is on detection of, and education about, climate change, in the past, present and future.


Dr. Lisa Doner

Assoc. Prof. Environmental Science

Plymouth State University

Dr. Eric G. Hoffman is a meteorology professor eceived his B.S. in meteorology from Cornell University, and his M.S. and Ph.D. in atmospheric science from the University at Albany (SUNY). His areas of expertise include synoptic and mesoscale meteorology. Previously Dr. Hoffman worked for the National Weather Service as an aviation meteorologist for the Aviation Weather Center.


Eric Hoffman

Professor of Meteorology

Plymouth State University

Prof. Tracey Lesser is a professor of Chemistry and Environmental Science at New Hampshire Technical Institute (NHTI). She leads MEER’s NHTI data collection team that installs and monitors arrays of reflectors on the campus. Her passion to educate the next generation is a renewable source of inspiration for students aspiring to careers in science.


Tracey E. Lesser

Professor, NHTI

Concord's Community College

Hoà Thanh Lê contributes to the development of solar-powered apparatus for multiple uses in MEER, such as a furnace to decompose CaCO3 for ocean acidification and a metal evaporator for sustainable production of mirrors. As a researcher, he specializes in nanotechnology and integrated power electronics and co-founded of Lotus Microsystems, Denmark.


Hoà Thanh Lê

Lotus Microsystems


A number of institutions across the globe have stepped up as climate adaptation and mitigation leaders partnering with MEER.  We are actively expanding our outreach in order to establish more partnerships in the coming phase. If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us.

Andrew Malcher has experience in interdisciplinary problem solving with Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical and 3D printing skills. He has been volunteering with MEER since 2021 assisting in the practical deployment of Film Mirrors.

Screenshot 2023-02-24 at 14.27.47.png

Andrew Malcher

Chartered Engineer from the UK

Eugenia Kargbo was appointed as Africa's first chief heat officer in Sierra Leone, to shield her city from the dangerous effects of climate change. Miami and Athens have already appointed heat officers: Jane Gilbert and Eleni Myrivili.

Eugenia Kargbo.jpg

Eugenia Kargbo

Heat Officer

Sierra Leone, West Africa

Peter Kitanidis  is a hydrologist and a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University. He has worked on interpolation and inverse problems; studied the dilution and mixing of soluble substances in heterogeneous geologic formations; and developed site characterization and uncertainty quantification methods.


Peter Kitanidis

Professor of Civil Environmental

Engineering, Stanford University


Freetown City Council

West Africa


Mahila Housing Trust



NHTI, Concord’s Community College



Plymouth State University


Bill Dillon.jpg

Dillon Remodeling


Student Researchers

We are indebted to the many students who commit their time to carry out dedicated research projects  which further MEER's growth. Most of these students undertake such work on top of their already substantial schoolwork, contributing invaluable data and passion, increasing MEER's momentum.

Jagger Alexander is modeling incoming and outgoing solar radiation in the atmosphere. With a BA in Mathematics from Vanderbilt University and a minor in Earth & Environmental Sciences, he is currently pursuing an MS in Climate and Health at the University of Miami and will continue on into a career in climate change mitigation work.


Jagger Alexander

Temperature Modeling
University of Miami

Albert Chang is analyzing NOx emission trends from industrial fossil fuel combustion on the NOx Valorization team, and is also designing an exterior radiant barrier roof. He studies mechanical engineering at the University of California, San Diego and is interested in sustainable energy distribution to mitigate the impacts of climate change.


Albert Chang

Urban Built Environment
University of California (SD)

Caio Rossetto Coelho is a materials engineering student at Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) with a background in innovation and 4.0 manufacturing. He brings skills in the entrepreneurship and the technological innovation sector. Creativity is his motivational fuel and the beacon of his career.

Caio temp.jpeg

Caio Henrique Rossetto Coelho

EngineeringFed. Univ. of Santa Catarina, Brazil

Anthony Hon currently studies chemical engineering and data science at the University of California, Berkeley. Passionate about mitigating climate change and positively impacting the world, he is currently analyzing nitrogen oxide emission trends from industrial fossil fuel combustion to generate nitrogen-based products efficiently.


Anthony Hon

Technical Research
University of California, Berkeley

Skye Lam is a high-achieving scholar who has a strong passion for saving the environment, whether it be conducting notable research in climate change or leading youth activism events around his community. At Harvard University, Skye plans to pursue a degree in a STEM-related field and continue to utilize his experience in environmental sciences to make the world a better place.

Skye Lam.jpeg

Skye Lam

Technical Research
Harvard University

Gregory Pan is a researcher for MEER developing models to analyze light reflection off of mirrors at the local level. He studies at Cornell University where he pursues an Environment and Sustainability degree with a focus on sustainable energy systems.

Gregory Pan.png

Gregory Pan

Urban Built Environment
Cornell University

Alfredo Quezada is studying the effects of changing environmental conditions on species across major trophic levels. He is a Marine Biologist from the University of California at San Diego and is currently working on a Marine Sciences (M.S.) degree at Nova Southeastern University looking to further the research and conservation efforts of our ocean's megafauna.


Alfredo Quezada

Marine Sciences

Nova Southeastern University

At MEER, Erik Schreiner is currently researching experimental temperature measurement. He has always been fascinated with the multitude of potential applications nanotechnology can have across all fields of science and hopes to become more familiar with the field in the future. He is pursuing a B.A. in Physics at Harvard University.


Erik Schreiner

Temperature Modeling

Harvard University

Jamie Shiplet is pursuing a master's in public administration at the University of San Francisco, where she combines her expertise in climatology to develop international SRM policy. With an innate passion for helping others, Jamie recognizes the importance of addressing social equity in future climate change mitigation strategies and legislation.


Jamie Shiplet

Climate Policy

University of San Francisco

Sophia Yue is currently researching how emission byproducts from chemical industries can be utilized to form useful nitrogen-based products at MEER. She attends Vanderbilt University, where she is studying Chemical Engineering, and enjoys baking and playing ultimate frisbee during her free time.


Sophia Yue

NOx Valorization Technology

Vanderbilt University

As a non-profit organization, MEER believes social justice is climate justice.

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