Essays in Wildlife Conservation - Introduction
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Essays in Wildlife Conservation

A Reader for WFC 10, Wildlife Conservation and Ecology

Edited by

Peter B. Moyle
Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology
University of California, Davis
This reader is a collection of essays that were written for a general introductory course on wildlife conservation, taught at the University of California, Davis. The essays were written for students who are not biology majors. The essays are broad in scope but examples focus on California, in order to make the material more relevant to the students in the course, who mostly come from California. They are typically used in conjunction with other readings, especially readings that cover basic ecology.

Instructors teaching similar courses are welcome to use this material and to modify it to better suit their course needs. In particular, I recommend that examples from California be replaced at least in part with examples from your own region. If you do use these readings, I would appreciate being informed, so I could benefit from your experiences ( If you significantly modify the essays, I would be grateful for a hardcopy of your final version. The modified versions could also be added to the website. The essays are copyrighted by the University of California, but the only stipulation I have about their use for non-profit purposes is that their source be acknowleged.

Students who would like to use this reader may view it online at this site, or download and print out the chapters ( ten in all). At present, each chapter online is in a long scroll-down format. The present chapters can be downloaded of course, but you will need to download the images separately. Simply printing each chapter's "page" may give the best results, although page breaks may come in odd places. We hope to soon offer a downloadable version which can be more easily printed, and will add that option as soon as it is available.

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